Date: Fall, 2015
Institution: Ohio State University
Instructor: Troy Malmstrom                                                                                                           Level: Junior     
This project explores how architecture can facilitate interaction between spaces that are programmatically disparate. The program required a segregation of official and public spaces more easily accomplished by stacking spaces on other spaces they belong with. By rearranging and wrapping these spaces around a central core, the human interaction is reestablished. Occupants of different areas that are not physically linked still share visual connections as they move from space to space.
The project attempts to promote transparency that encourages visual interaction between inhabitants of programmatically segregated spaces. 
The project achieves this by interweaving elements of disparate spaces so inhabitants are constantly interacting with others they would normally not interact with, bringing the public and officials closer together. 
Lower Level Plan
Ground Floor Plan
Level 3 Plan: Library and Research

               Large Auditorium                                                                         Second Gallery

   Hotel Room Type A                                                                                 Second Gallery Mezzanine

South-East view from the water. 
Inhabitants in one set of program are able to look right into another. 
Inhabitants in public gallery can see officials going up to conference rooms. 

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